The cooperative Thomas More runs a primary and a secondary school, with 9 classes of primary school, 3 classes of middle school and four classes of high school (classics andscientific) with a totatl of 220 pupils. The school is bilingual and classes are taught in English, Italian or Spanish.Particulalry, Art is taught both in Spanish and Italian. The school has 50 teachers, 10 employees in the administrative and support sectors, a director and a headmaster.


The school Thomas more is very attentive with regards to educate pupils to art. Every year, the school organizes trips for students to visit important places of interest in the city but also abroad (last year high school students went to Valencia on a field trip). Moreover, the school is part the project “Panormus: The school adopts the city” (La scuola adotta la città) which is organized by the Municipality of Palermo and aims to to bring children and school children closer to city monuments, making them protagonists of the cultural life of Palermo.


The initiative allows students to rediscover monuments, streets and squares of the neighborhood and ancient productive activities with tours and guided walks that go through various areas of the city. Moreover, students become the guides for tourists and locals who visit the monuments and places of interest involved in the project. Art teachers will be involved in the project. They are teachers of te school working, both in English and Spanish, with secondary school and high school.


All teachers of the school, including art teachers, have been involved in organising field trips to relevant places of interest for the students, running preparatory activities in order to let them acquire some background knowledge about the trip and accompaining students during the trips. They will make available their skills concerning the local artistic heritage to organise and accompaing all pupils to field trips, of which the itineraries will have been designided by our students with unrder the coordination of the teachers.