Ozel Meram Yontem Ortaokulu was founded in 2017. It has 35 teachers and 270 students. The school has Robotic Student Social Club actively and has more than 20 students in this club. Also the school is a legal contributor of Robotechnology Center and RoboKonya projects which was approved by Turkey Development Ministry in 2017 - 2018 by Mevlana Development Agency. Also the school has Teachers Club for Cyber Security and having courses on this them one a week by Experts from Karatay University.


The school is trying to improve students awareness on technology and teachers for applying and creating new apps to use in their lessons by smart boards. Also The school is following the new education methods such as Aaugmented Reality in education with diffferent kinds of branches. The school has Science and Technology teacher Serdar Akar and also an English teacher Gürkan ATİLA which are working together on this project and also our Teacher of English more than 10 years experience on LLP and Erasmus + projects thats why he will be in the Role Model of Erasmus + actively.


Also there are more teachers in this projects with the same branches in the beginning of year 2017 together so every member of this project team can continue to our project if these persons leacve their post in the future. The ICT teacher and Science Teacher have been working on robotics and different kinds of robot kits and now also studying on flying mini robots and still developing their skills by experts in the courses.


English teacher Gürkan Atila is the writer and co-coordinator of Robotechnology Center ( 2017 Digital Industry and R&D Center ) and has experience of IT and Cyber Security certificates by CISCO. Also he has more than 10 years experience on Erasmus + and LLP projects and had partnership with more than 16 different EU Countries with different cities in the EU.