Panevezys Juozas Miltinis gymnasium is 51 years old gymnasium with deep drama traditions and openness to innovations. The school employs the staff of 64 and teaches about 700 students. Our students come here from all over Panevezys and its region in search of a modern approach to teaching/studying, teacher-student cooperation and knowledge. Our students are keen participats of events, projects and after-class activities in the fields of drama, arts, music, technologies as well as sciences. Consequently, the teachers do have to be active to go side by side with the students.


Our institution’s goal is to meet each student’s needs, to create a friendly environment to accomplish the students’ goals and help them fulfil their potential. The focus is also place on creativity which is also developed in sciences. Since we are a school of drama, arts and music we provide our students with teaching singing, acting, staging, making props for staging and playwriting. That is why, having an abundance of avid students in the gymnasium we take part in various creativity events/contests that boost students’’ motivation to develop academic knowledge, raise interest in learning and foster face to face communication.


Our staff are devoted, energetic, flexible, open to novelties an challenges and restless people. We are good at teamwork, communication and collaboration. Having participated in several international projects, we have gained project management skills organising project meetings as well as various activities for students and teachers both in creative and academic fields.