Our school is dated September 1, 2016, No 29818 Ministry of National Education Special Program and Project Applied Educational Institutions Regulation 2016 2016, Science and Social Sciences Project School design Ümitköy Anatolian İmam Hatip High School The name of Science and Social Sciences Project School. Positioning was Turkey's capital of Ankara, where we placed upon the center of the district Ümitköy.


Within the scope of our school, in the area of secondary and high school education, a program of education management enriched with national and international scientific and social projects has been prepared. There are 374 students and 39 teachers in our school. Our school has started the cooperation with Yıldırım Bayezıt University. The identity of being a scientific school was the first step. Our aim is to train leaders who have their own specific, critical target skills.


There is an English Preparatory Class in our school starting from our junior high school level. With the projects of TÜBİTAK, National Projects and Erasmus +, we are making a significant contribution towards becoming a science and international school.